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Decent short film – Lazy Teenage Superheroes

300 dollah to make – seriously impressive.


My favourite Streetview yet. Bertie out canvassing!!!

Plane Tracker

Mad. Worth a good 5 minutes of your time.

T-shirts – a mans best friend

T-shirts must be the most versatile garment out there. Foghorn reckons there are three distinct stages in your life for wearing T-shirts: when your young and they are a functional item of clothing for a prepubescent young man to wear to designate what team he is on or because society and his mother wont let him go topless for fear of public outrage or pneumonia (a disease often threatened but rarely contracted); when your a young(ish) adult and they are fashion/protest statements or advertising hoardings for the great corporations of this world; and when your old and infirm and they are again functional items for collecting drool and the like (but I think they call them hospital smocks then).

Foghorn likes his t-shirts and sports them year round no matter what the weather. Getting his grubby hands on a really good t-shirt brings a smile to his gob but the search can be long and hard to get a quality item. For example a you can spot a good t-shirt, skip along to the changing room and then when you get the thing on the material makes it look like you have bigger breasts than Jordan (Foghorn is a robust build after all). Then there is the type of t-shirt that has a crackin design on the front but some friggin winged beast on the back that makes it look like it was designed by a death metal fan.

In the attempt to turn the great search into an easier venture, Foghorn has turned to the internet. This has yielded mixed results a few great cheap buys have been mixed in with some shockers with the offending garments bearing no resemblance to the photo on the website.

Anywho here are a few decent websites Foghorn has had success with:

Just don’t blame me if dark green turns out to be teal.

If you’re dreading another festive season of mundane Roses, Double Centres and Chocolate Kimberleys, this could be just the ticket. It requires practically zero skill and will be enjoyed by all. I can’t emphasise enough the use of decent chocolate. Cadburys should not be getting a look in here kids. Even if dark chocolate ain’t your thing, it’s tempered here by the remaining ingredients so you don’t get too strong a hit. If however you’re making it for a load of nippers, it may be worth substituting a bar or two of milk chocolate into the mix.

250g unsalted butter
400g chocolate (Lindt 70% personally)
150g golden syrup
120g digestive biscuits
120g walnuts (chopped)
80g glace cherries (chopped)

1. Line a loaf tin with cling film or baking parchment
2. Melt the butter and syrup in a small pan and heat until just boiling
3. Melt the chocolate over a pan of simmering water
4. Mix the chocolate and buttery syrup together.
5. Crush the biscuits but not too small as they break up further whilst mixing
6. Add biscuits, ¾ of walnuts and ¾ of cherries to the mixture. Mix.
7. Pour mixture into the lined container, smooth over the top and decorate with the remaining walnuts and cherries. When cool, place in the fridge for at least 4 hours to set (usually overnight).

The picture below shows about 1/3 of what you get.

Slingin’ Times

Recently I underwent some surgery on an old war wound which has left me in a sling. With plenty of time to mull, the following are some observations of the past few weeks.
1. T-shirts/jumpers vs. shirts/hoodies. Only one winner.
2. Trying to manoeuvre a broadsheet into position so you can do the crossword in peace. Well tough.
3. Jelly and ice-cream in hospital was only wonderful. It shall be re-created very soon.
4. Buttering/hummusing bread. Not at all easy, especially with the recent ambient temperatures we’ve been experiencing.
5. Typing this is a pain in the hole.
6. Tying laces is an absolute no no. If we were back in the eighties I could go all Miami Vice and pull out the slip-on shoes.
7. Frying eggs without the yolk cracking or some shell ending up in the finished product is tough but possible.
8. The help from friends and family is all good.
9. Flossing one’s choppers is highly inefficient.
10. It’s best not to spill a bottle of water on your bed that soaks the whole way through to the mattress.
11. Having a scissors at the table when eating steak works a treat.

Baked Eggs on Ham and mushroom

This is a simple little recipe and a nice way of cooking and presenting eggs if food presentation is as important to you as taste 🙂 .  I think it is really tasty also. I have made this in separate ramekins dishes but you could do all this in one pan and finish off the eggs under a grill.  Also don’t be limited by the ingredients here try other ingredients that you think might work.
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The evenings are long and cold these days so it is time to think of comfort foods.  Nothing says comfort food more than a nice slow cooked beef casserole. View full article »

The Eastern Algarve

I spent a few childhood holidays in the algarve.. (the west algarve). We never even thought of going east when going on holiday… suppose the west was where everyone went and still is to a degree. It was always to the west and the beautiful beaches with the giant over hanging red cliffs and touristy resorts …

Having only discovered the existence of the city of tavira and the eastern algarve in the last 5 years I have to say I wish I had found it sooner..
Only 2.5 hours to faro and lots of cheap flights..its very accessible for a few weeks holiday or a long weekend..
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Smyths Ranelagh – A good all rounder..

Age group .. Generally mid 20s upwards…

Having lived in Dublin 6 for many a year, this was a regular haunt… particularly on a summer Sunday afternoon…when the sun is high in the sky…..
and its pint bottle weather.. sweet!
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